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Pdt Dr Stephen Tong

Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong (Founder of IREC)

The Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia (Indonesian: Gereja Reformed Injili Indonesia, GRII), Sydney came to be due to the vision of the Reformed Evangelical Movement that God gave to His servant, Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong. In response to the vision above, Rev. Tong began by conducting the Christian Faith Development Seminar (Indonesian: Seminar Pembinaan Iman Kristen, SPIK) on 1984, which is followed by forming the Reformed Evangelical Theological School (Indonesian: Sekolah Teologi Reformed Injili, STRI) for laymen on 1986. Through these two programs, the participants were encouraged to learn about the Reformed doctrine in greater depth.

This movement comprises of two aspects. The first aspect is to bring back the theological understanding based on God’s revelation in the Holy Scripture which is pioneered by the Reformators, in order to equip and strengthen the faith of Christians to face the challenges of this current era. The second is to kindle the spirit of evangelism so that Christians can proclaim the Gospel with zeal and introduce the power of salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ, for the redemption of sin and the reconciliation of man and God that creates a new life to glorify Him. As such, this movement brings the church to root itself in the Word and bear fruit in this world.

Pdt Agus Marjanto, IREC Sydney

Rev. Agus Marjanto, M. Th. (Minister)

IREC Sydney was built upon the Reformed Evangelical Confession of Faith, with the purpose of establishing a church that is theologically Reformed with a spirit of evangelism.
Led by Rev. Agus Marjanto, M. Th. as the pastor, IREC Sydney was returned to the true Reformed Evangelical movement which holds firmly onto the sovereignty of God upon this movement, and to Christ as the only proclaimed news delivered through the pulpit and the life of the church.

Through the grace of God, Rev. Agus Marjanto, M. Th. alongside his wife, Vic. Sariwati are also shepherding the Reformed Evangelical Church in Karawaci (IREC Karawaci).
With a Reformed doctrine and an Evangelical passion, Rev. Agus shepherds the members of IREC Sydney to become a congregation that grows to obtain a deeper understanding of God and lives as instruments of His glory. Apart of his ministerial Rev. Agus is also teaching in the Reformed Evangelical School for Laymen (Indonesian: Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Injili Indonesia, STTRII) in Sydney.