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“Never lose heart in the power of the gospel. Do not believe that there exists any man, much less any race of men, for whom the gospel is not fitted.”
Charles Spurgeon

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a precious treasure which is entrusted by God to his churches and every Christian. The Gospel contains the secret of the power and the wisdom of God which saves sinful men. God entrusts his church with a mandate to preserve the true Gospel, and by the power of the Holy Spirit make all nations disciples of Christ. As the faithful emissaries of the Gospel, it ought to be the case that we learn it deeply that we may understand the truth and power of the true Gospel.

The IREC Sydney pulpit faithfully preaches the Gospel with a solid doctrine – the justice and love of God, the total depravity of man, redemption through the blood of Christ, and the nature of repentance and true regeneration. All these are basic elements of the true Gospel that must absolutely be proclaimed by the church of God. After being equipped with solid doctrine, the congregations are invited to take part in the glorious Gospel mandate. Beginning by handing out tracts on streets, personal evangelism, preaching the Gospel through Easter and Christmas revival services, and reaching out to those who have not known Christ from many backgrounds, young and old via fellowships and connect groups as well as student ministries in regional gospel rallies in several cities in Indonesia.