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“Music is an outstanding gift of God, and next to theology, youth should be taught this art”
-Martin Luther

Chamber Orchestra
The Instrumental Chamber Orchestra consists of teenagers and youths aged 10 – 22 years old with talents in orchestral instruments such as woodwinds, strings, and percussion. Meetings and practices are held every Saturday 11 – 1 pm. The Chamber Orchestra also serves in accompanying major services (such as gospel rallies, prayer concerts, Easter) as well as performing songs at least once every three months. The songs played include arrangements from various hymns.

String Quartet
The String Quartet consists of 4 ensemble members who play the violin, viola, and cello. The Quartet serves in performing songs of praise and accompanying vocal groups in Sunday services.The repertoire includes hymn arrangements and various classical music pieces by Haydn, Handel, and many other notable composers.

IREC Sydney invites all members who can play orchestral instruments with a minimal level of Grade 3 AMEB/ABRSM to join us in the Chamber Orchestra ministry. Let us all cultivate our talents for the glory of God.