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“Lord, give to those that are young to remember their creator in the days of their youth, that thereby they may be kept from the vanity which childhood and youth are subject to, and may be restrained from walking in the way of their heart, and in the sight of their eyes“.
Matthew Henry

As parents, we can not always accompany our children in their life. There will be a time when our children mature as adults and have to choose and determine their walk of life themselves. At the same time, the world will offer many things to them. What manner of life will they lead? Where will their life end? And what will be their guide when they are alone?

The Bible tells us that the Word of God is a lamp and light unto our paths. It is by the Word of God that a young man can keep himself pure before the Lord. From children’s early age, when they are still under the guard and care of parents, it is the best time for parents to plant the Word in themselves. The planted Word in the hearts of children may be a provision for their life as adults.

Together with parents, the Sunday School teachers play an important role in planting the foundations of faith to children from their early years. We long for them to know, worship, serve, and witness for Christ as their King and Savior. May their faith grow through every Bible teaching, prayers, hymns, games, activities, and interactions in every class and the fear of the Lord be cultivated in their hearts.

We invite all children to learn the Word of God together every Sunday in IREC Sydney. For more information, contact 0424 269 709.

IREC Sydney Sunday School

Sunday School is a children’s worship service, where they come to worship their Creator God. In Sunday School, the Word of God will be taught to the children. The Scriptures will be delivered through a structured curriculum grounded in Biblical truths. IREC Sydney Sunday School uses materials from the Great Commission Publication (GCP). Every week, children will be taught to memorize verses, be involved in activities and crafts as well as given devotions (for older children)

IREC Sydney Sunday School is divided into 5 classes:

  1. Love (ages 2.5 – 4 years)
  2. Joy (ages 4 – Kindy)
  3. Kindness (Year 1 – 2)
  4. Self-Control (Year 3 – 4)
  5. Faithfulness (Year 5 – 6)

Love & Joy

Toddler & Preschool

It is not too early to introduce Christ to children. From a young age, children possess the ability to have faith in Christ.

Sunday School services in the Love & Joy class begins by singing hymns, and then listening to the Word as well as having a Memory Verse for the week.

Every class will be ended with Crafts & Activities time where children will interact with each other and make art crafts, activities, as well as role-playing the theme of the Word being taught that day. Through the Crafts & Activities session, the core of the message is repeated and re-emphasized. Additionally, through interactive crafts, the motor abilities and creativity of these children are also stimulated.

Love Class Curriculum (ages 2.5 – 4)

Kurikulum kelas Love - GRII Sydney
Courtesy of gcp.org

Joy Class Curriculum (ages 4 – Kindy)

Kurikulum kelas Joy - GRII Sydney
Courtesy of gcp.org


Year 1 & 2

Sunday School services in the Kindness class begins by singing hymns, and then listening to the Word as well as having a Memory Verse for the week.

The materials used are taken from the Younger Elementary curriculum, describing stories throughout the Bible. Children will learn of the truths of the Scripture and will receive key points that they may relate together between every story. Children will also begin to open and learn how to read the Bible themselves. In the Kindness class, children will also be involved in making crafts and doing activities related to the theme of the lesson.

Kindness Class Curriculum (Years 1 & 2)

Courtesy of gcp.org


Year 3 & 4

The children in the Self-control class are usually combined with the Faithfulness class during hymn singing, and are separated to their own year groups during Scripture classes.

The material used is taken from the Middle Elementary curriculum. It integrates stories from the Bible where children may learn themes such as worship, grace, missions, witnessing, belief, and obedience to God. Children in Self-control classes already have the ability to think more deeply and find the truths of the Bible by comparing, analyzing and emphasizing parts of the Word. In the Self-control class, quizzes or activities related to the Memory Verse of the week are often held.

Self-control Class Curriculum (Years 3 & 4)

Courtesy of gcp.org


Year 5 & 6

The children in the Faithfulness class are usually combined with the Self-control class during hymn singing, and are separated to their own year groups during Scripture classes.

The teaching material is taken from the G2R Bible Survey (Genesis to Revelation). It discusses the history of the Bible chronologically; how God has revealed himself through the Word and God’s plan for salvation through every book in the Bible. The main thrust of this curriculum is the Lord Jesus Christ as the central figure throughout the entire Scripture. Children of the Faithfulness class can interact well with their peers and the teachers, and are often separated in groups which will present what they have learned from the Word. Every week, children in the Faithfulness class are given devotional materials to contemplate on the Word for the week.

Faithfulness Class Curriculum (Years 5 & 6)

Courtesy of gcp.org