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How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.
– Psalm 119:9

Teenage years is the time where children begin to seek their identity in order to receive acknowledgement from their environment and peers. It is the time where teenagers begin to have critical thinking and dare to state their desires. As Christian parents, we have a responsibility to lead and introduce our children, especially those who are stepping in teenage ages, to know God and their savior personally.

In teenage years, children begin to also face peer pressure from their friends. That is why we as a church bears a responsibility alongside the parents to provide guidance to teenagers according to the truth of the Word of God. We invite and encourage parents to worship together with us and bring their teenagers to study the Word of God together in IREC Sydney. In the classes, the children will interact and think about the Word of God which directly relates to the Christian faith and learn how to respond appropriately to the challenges of this age. Teenage classes are attended by children of 12 – 15 years of age.