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What is the purpose of my life?
What degree should I pursue?
Where should I work in the future?
What about my future spouse?
Why do I feel lonely in the midst of many friends and a busy life?
Is life eternal?
Can I make this world a better place?
Have I done enough good?
And if I die, can I go to heaven?

Many youths face these questions, but it appears that there are no clear answers…

Come and find the answers that will satisfy your soul in the Word of God together with us in the IREC Sydney Youth and Worker Fellowship, every Saturday 16.00 at 556 – 558 Botany Road Alexandria, NSW, 2015.

We will discuss and dig deeply into the Word together, and grow in knowing our creator God. The Word that proclaims his will on our life will surely lead us to be the salt and light in the midst of this dark world.

Contact 0405267371