Sunday School

“Lord, give to those that are young to remember their creator in the days of their youth, that thereby they may be kept from the vanity which childhood and youth are subject to, and may be restrained from walking in the way of their heart, and in the sight of their eyes“.
(Matthew Henry)

Children are beautiful gifts from God to families. Together with parents, Sunday school teachers play an important role in planting the seed of faith early in the lives of these children. We yearn for them to know, worship, serve and witness Jesus as their King and Redeemer. We pray that their faith may grow and flourish as they learn from the Bible, prayers, praise and worship, biblical games and activities, and interactions in the classes they attend. We hope that the fear of the Lord may be in their hearts always.

Sunday school is divided into five categories:
Love : Preschooler (2-4 years old)
Joy : 4 years old – Kindy
Kindness : Year 1 – 2
Self Control : Year 3 – 4
Faithfullnes: Year 5 – 6

We welcome all children to come and learn the Bible with us every Sunday Morning at 10 am at 556 – 558 Botany Road and Sunday Afternoon at 4 PM at Scots Church Building, 44 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

For those in Year 1-6 wishing to join the Children Choir, practice is scheduled on Sundays at 1 PM.

Please contact 0433 569 545 for more information.

GRII Sydney Sunday School

GRII Sydney Sunday School

GRII Sydney Sunday School