Youth and Young Worker Fellowship

What is the purpose of my life?
Which subjects should I pursue in college?
What career should I opt for?
Who should I marry?
Why do I feel lonely despite having many friends and unending series of activities in life?
Will this life continues indefinitely?

Will I be able to contribute to the well-being of the society and the world?
Have I done enough good deeds?
Will Heaven open its doors for me when I die?

Many young adults have been assaulted with such provocative questions yet lacking the appropriate the answers.

Come along with us as we seek the answers from the perspective of the Bible. Together, we will plough the Bible and discuss pertinent topics so that we may grow in the knowledge of our Creator. God will reveal His will upon our lives through His Word so that we may become the salt and light unto this dark world.

Join our Youth and Young Workers Fellowship every Saturday at 4 PM located at 556 – 558 Botany Road Alexandria, NSW, 2015.

Please contact 0404 242 433 for more information.