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Reformed 21 – TV Broadcast of Reformed Evangelical Events in Indonesia

Reformed 21 is a televised program that features seminary contents, interviews and messages by GRII founder Pastor Dr Stephen Tong. With Reformed 21, it is our sincere prayer that it will provide opportunities for everyone to listen to the Word of God, to love the Truth, and grow their faith in Christ.

STEMI – Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministry International

STEMI is an organization established since 1979 by Pastor Dr Stephen Tong with focus on evangelism and cultural mandate. Pastor Tong has preached and shared the Gospel both onshore and internationally. At 77 years of age in 2017, he still serves the body of Christ and spread the Gospel with vigor and faithfulness before God. He also conducts the Faith Revival Service (KKR) in Indonesia and overseas.

STRIJ – Jakarta Reformed Evangelical School of Theology

STRIJ was established in 1986 in Surabaya, and expanded to Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. For more than three decades, it has served in teaching the Holy Scripture and Theology to tens of thousands of Christians in more than one hundred cities and synods.

RCRS – Reformed Center for Religion and Society

RCRS is a research institute for religion and society whose objective is to reify the role of Christians in advancing the betterment of the nation and country. In cultural mandate, we are to act in cultivating God’s creations as declared in Genesis 1:28 by articulating God’s Truth for the freedom of all mankind from the fetters of injustice. The establishment of this institution is critical considering Indonesia’s volatile conditions especially where tribal, religious, racial and inter-group conflicts are concerned.

ASJ – Jakarta Symphony Concert Hall

Jakarta Symphony Concert Hall was inaugurated in 2009 to meet the need for a befitting concert hall while also fulfilling the cultural mandate as charged by God. As the first and only appropriate concert hall in Indonesia, Jakarta Symphony Concert Hall can accommodate 1,200 seats and offers a world-class acoustics. Many local and international musicians have graced this Hall and Jakarta Symphony Concert Hall welcomes all high caliber music performances in the near future.

Momentum – Reformed Bookstore

Momentum is a publisher of a magazine in Jakarta with the same name since 1988 by Pastor Dr Stephen Tong. It was conceived to meet the growing demand for Christian books based on Reformed Theology translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Starting from publishing of transcripts of theological seminars called Christian Faith Development Seminar (SPIK), Momentum grew to include the publishings of sermon and seminar transcripts by Pastor Dr Stephen Tong and his team, and translations of many Reformed-based books from English to Bahasa Indonesia.